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creative energy

All of our creative energy is placed in making each project unique. Our goal is to achieve results that are above our client’s expectations.

30 years of Experience


In 1985 we opened an aquarium design company offering installation/maintenance services for Corporate, Professional and Residential Aquariums. In our capacity as curator of a myriad of aquariums and filtration systems, we have been fortunate to be able to experiment with all the latest aquarium products. We consider ourselves to be quite knowledgeable in all aspects of aquatic Biology. Fish, Invertebraes, and Aquatic/Terrestrial Plants. In 1990 we expanded our business to include an array of water projects including Fountains and Water Gardens.
We consider ourselves to be quite knowledgeable in all aspects of Landscaping, Design/Construction of Man-Made Lakes and Natural Property Enhancement. In 1995 we became involved with designing and constructing Public Shopping Malls, as well as Hotel and Condominium Architectural Fountain Projects. We consider ourselves to be quite knowledgeable in all aspects of new construction of major public Display Fountains.


Experiences and unique knowledge


We have created themed aquariums for TV and Movie sets. The advertising industry has had us coordinate the creation of numerous special effects using water. We also worked in live radio (CJAD) a one-hour phone-in talk show devoted to aquariums and ponds (5 years)
Our pond and fountain projects were featured in a half hour Television show called “Trend-Spotting” on HGTV /Life Channel
Our work has appeared in dozens of upscale Interior Décor magazines as well as home and gardening magazines and books

We are the Engineers, Designers, Builders and Curators to more than 650 Biologically Balanced Custom and Standard Salt and Freshwater Aquarium Systems.


These are turn-key systems and upgraded aquarium systems installed in:

  • Office Tower Lobbies and Professional Offices
  • Hotels Condominiums and Condo Sales Offices
  • Apartment Building Common Areas
  • Restaurants, Dance Clubs (night clubs)
  • Private Residential Homes
  • Pet store Retail and Display Systems



We are the Engineers, Designers, Builders and Maintainers of more than 260 Biologically Balanced Display Fountains, Water Falls and Water Gardens


These are Turnkey installed systems and upgraded existing systems which include:

  • Conduit Water and Power Supply installation and outfitting
  • High efficiency Filtration Systems
  • Natural Streams and Water Falls
  • Fountain Heads and Computer Controlled Solenoid Spray Displays
  • Custom Night Lighting-Both Submersible and Terrestrial
  • Biologically sound Aquatic Lilly Gardens, Planted Bogs and Marginal plant Arrangements
  • Fully functional re-curing Perennial Gardens
  • Stone walking Pathways and Stone Terraces
  • Custom Wood and Steel Bridges
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Services (weekly/monthly/seasonal)