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Indoor Water Fountain Displays Provide The Ultimate Aesthetic Appeal.

We use only Highest Quality Professional Products in all of our Projects.

Biologically Balanced Water Gardens, Swim Ponds, Streams & Waterfalls.

Creative-Flexible Designs Provide Great Solutions for Improved Property Values!

Aquasculpture Specializes in Marine, Reef and many types of Fresh Water Displays.

Our Balanced Turn-Key Ecosystems Can Be Customized To Meet All Your Needs.

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Contact Our Head Office In Montreal:

Aquasculpture by Nanasi
Head Office: 1-514-344-3474
Fax: 1-514-737-3299

Museum Quality Projects Designed for Public and Private Spaces. We work with your Architects, Interior Designers, Decorators, and Engineers. Aquasculpture is a group of Design-Construct-Install-Maintenance and Full Service Specialists. We Create Unique Water Projects that are built on the Fundamental Principles of Nature and Science.
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